Buckhurst Hill History

1841 England Census

County of Essex 

Hundred of Ongar

Parish of Chigwell (part of)

Superintendent Registrars District: Epping

Registrars Sub District: Chigwell

District: 4


Description: All that part of Chigwell bounded on the south by Chigwell Street on the east by the right hand side of the road from Loughton Bridge to Vicarage Lane, on the west by the parish of Woodford, to include Buckhurst Hill as far as Chingford parish on the north and Loughton parish on the north east.


Census is transcribed from original, stating: place, names of each person who abode therein the preceding night, age, sex (M or F), occupation, whether born in same county (Y or N), whether born in Scotland, Ireland or Foreign Parts (S, I or F)


Other common abbreviations used MS (male servant), FS (female servant), Ind (living on independent means), NK (not known)

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Buckhurst Hill

Thomas Stanton 30 M clergyman of the district N

Agnes Stanton 30 F N

Thomas Stanton 5 M N

Agnes Stanton 4 F Y

Ann Pearman 20 F FS (female servant) N

Sarah Porter 20 F FS N

Ann Clarke 20 F FS Y


William Eaton 30 M Gardener Y

Louisa Eaton 30 F N

Rowland Eaton 6 M Y

James Eaton 4 M Y

Louisa Eaton 2 F Y


John Maw 65 M Carpenter N

Elizabeth Maw 65 F N


Major Sharp 30 M Tailor N

Ann Sharp 30 F N

Maria Sharp 7 F N

George Sharp 5 M N

John Sharp 2 M N

George Bunt 5 M N


Thomas Pierson 35 M Bricklayer Y

Eliza Pierson 30 F Y

Martha Pierson 14 Y


John Smith 30 M Carpenter Y

Amelia Smith 25 F Y

(Page 2)

George Smith 10 M Y

James Smith 7 M Y

Charles Smith 4 M Y

Elizabeth Smith 2 F Y

NK Smith 3 weeks M Y


Buckhurst Hill

Henry Green 55 M Labourer Y

Rebecca Green 55 F Y

Catherine Green 20 F FS Y

Charlotte Green 1 F Y


Edward Smith 2 M Y


Mary Sawyer 70 F Washwoman N

Nathaniel Sawyer 30 M Laborour Y

Sarah Sawyer 20 F FS Y


Joseph Hills 70 M Farmer Y

Martha Hills 65 F Y

Joseph Hills 25 M Joiner Y


Ann Martin 30 F ?Ind N

Thomas Platts 25 M Silversmith N

Mary Platts 20 F N

Fanny Platts 9 months F N


Charles Sawyer 30 M Labourer Y

Charlotte 35 F N


William Westwood 35 M Labourer Y

Maryann Westwood 25 F Y

Eliza Westwood 10 F Y

(Page 3)

William Westwood 3 M Y

John Westwood 10 months M Y


Buckhurst Hill

Sarah Young 20 F Nursery Maid N

Charlotte Kemper 7 F N   }     Children of tea

Fanny Kemper 4 F N        }     dealer under care

Frederick Kemper 2 M N   }     of the nurse


John Nicholson 60 M Merchant N

Robert Nicholson 50 Ind N

James Studd 50 M MS Y

Abram Gower 13 M MS Y

Elizabeth Tiper 30 F FS N

Mary Peake 50 F FS N


Henry Read 55 M Silk Broker N

Elizabeth Read 40 F N

Mary Read 15 F N

Alexis Read 12 F Y

Elizabeth Read 10 F Y

Lucy Read 7 F Y

Mary Green 20 F Governess N

Elizabeth Webb 40 F FS YJ

ane Perry 20 F FS Y

Sarah Heath 15 F FS Y

William Mattock 20 M MS N 


Roebuck Inn

Henry Frost 45 M Victualler N

(Page 4)

Patty Frost 40 F Y

Patty Frost 20 F Y

Mary Frost 19 F Y

Emma Frost 17 F Y

Henry Frost 15 M Y

Harriet Frost 9 F Y

Louisa Frost 6 F Y

William Frost 3 M Y

David Frost 1 M Y


Buckhurst Hill

Jane Wheeler 45 F Charwoman Y

Thomas Wheeler 25 M Carman Y

Thomas Purkis 15 M Labourer Y


Martha Radley 50 F Washerwoman Y

Charles Radley 20 M Labourer Y

Lucy Radley 20 F Charwoman Y

Elizabeth Radley 5 F Y

Joseph Collop 20 M Labourer Y


Charlotte Finch 45 F Charwoman N

Thomas Finch 20 M Labourer Y

Andrew 7 M Y

Susan Wood 3 F N


John Collop 55 M Labourer Y

Sophia Collop 55 F Y

Caroline Collop 10 F Y

Sophia Collop 25 F FS Y

(Page 5)

John Alexander 25 M Labourer N

John Ca?s 25 M MS N


Comfort Heath 45 M Bricklayer Y

Caroline Heath 20 F Y

Comfort Heath 14 M Y

William Heath 12 M Y

Eliza Heath 10 F Y

Noah Heath 7 M Y

Thomas Heath 4 M Y


Thomas Gum 45 M Labourer Y

Mary Gum 45 F Y

Joseph Gum 18 M labourer Y

Charles Gum 10 Y

Elizabeth Gum 8 Y

Mary Ann Gum 6 F Y

Emma Gum 4 F Y

Susan Gum 1 F Y


William Williamson 65 M Ind N

Sarah Williamson 60 F N

Pamila Williamson 19 F N

Sarah McKay 5 F N

Henry McCann 1 M N


Kings Place

George Woollett 50 M Wollen Draper N

Elizabeth Woollett 50 F NHarriot Woollett 20 F N

(Page 6)

Fanny Woollett 17 F N

Jane Woollett 15 F N


James Saltma 25 M Silk Weaver N

Elizabeth Saltma 25 F N

Agusta Saltma 2 F Y

(an Augusta Elizabeth Saltiner was born JAS 1839 West Ham

so the family name was probably Saltiner not Saltna)

William Roberts 30 M Surveyor N

NK Cornhill 50 M Silk Weaver N

Esther Surgard 25 F FS N

Ellen Collins 25 F FS N

Mary Rice 25 F FS N

George NK 25 M MS N

James Brown 30 M labourer Y

James Grains 40 M Labourer Y


Woodford House, Chigwell

Barbara Stevens 30 F         Wife of Francis  }** N

Ellen Stevens 20 F   Stevens School Master} N

**Not able to tell which name this information is against

Francis Stevens 7 M N

John Chilton 20 M Assistant N

George Lemoine? 19 M Assistant N

Eliza Cushion 50 F FS N

Elizabeth Baker 20 F FS Y

Susan Chapman 20 F FS Y

Thomas Brushfield 12 M Pupil N

Richard Brushfield 10 M Pupil N

David Philips 8 M Pupil N

(Page 7)

William Philips 13 M Pupil N

Frederick Pace 10 M Pupil N

Henry Pace 12 M Pupil N

William Crouch 12 M Pupil N

James Kenrick 14 M Pupil N

Thomas Rickits 10 M Pupil N

Richard May 8 M Pupil N

Francis Bridgewater 11 M Pupil N

Charles Harvey 14 M Pupil N

Arthur Hart 7 M Pupil N

Richard Hart 14 M Pupil N

Alexander Clark 11 M Pupil N

Arthur Viney 12 M Pupil N

Augustus Pattison 12 M Pupil N

William Cool 10 M Pupil N

Robert Healing 10 M Pupil N

Thomas Lambert 14 M Pupil N

Thomas Watts 8 M Pupil N

Charles Newman 7 M Pupil N

Thomas Graham 15 M Pupil N

Frederick Croft 11 M Pupil N

William Marshall 7 M Pupil N

Benjamin Ledbeter 12 M Pupil N

Alfred Bath 12 M Pupil N

(Page 8)

Thomas Lymonds 10 M Pupil N

George Rigby 12 M Pupil N

Augustus Yokmey 16 M Pupil N

Adolph Tement 18 M Pupil F

Charles Tement 15 M Pupil F

Gustave Tillard 14 M Pupil F

William Hallows 11 M Pupil N

James Sproston 9 M Pupil N

Walter Hancock 11 M Pupil N

William White 11 M Pupil N

James White 9 M Pupil N

?? Odele 9 M Pupil N

William Teal 10 M Pupil N

Frederick Eaton 15 M Pupil N

William Marks 9 M Pupil N

Thomas Hedersted 8 M Pupil N

William Smith 13 M Pupil N

Marked in margin   1 omitted added on the end of page 14

Walter Harmutage 10 M Pupil N

Frederick Lanley 9 M Pupil N

Joseph Nathan 11 M Pupil N

William Clements 14 M Pupil N

Walter Clements 9 M Pupil N

John Lee 8 M Pupil N

William Webb 7 M Pupil N


Forest Cottage

Mary Law 50 F Lodging House Keeper N

(Page 9)

Mary Waller 35 F Ind N

John Harris 40 M Ind N

Louisa Harris 50 F Ind N

Mary Harris 75 F Ind N

Louisa Harris 15 F N

Mary Harris 11 F N

Elizabeth Elston 25 FS N


Holly Hill Cottage

Arthur Podmore 48 M Stock Broker N

Elizabeth Rogers 25 F FS Y


Bald Stag Hill

John Everett 30 M Labourer N

Ann Everett 25 F N

Elizabeth Everett 2 F Y


William Mead 39 M Gardener Y

Ann Mead 40 F Y

Sarah Mead 10 F Y

Joseph Perry 25 M Gardener N

Emma Williams 25 F School  Mistress N

Elizabeth Franklin 40 F Ind N

Louisa Green 5 F N


Henry Dixon 40 M Tailor Y

Ann Dixon 40 F Y

Louisa Dixon 15 F Y

Jane Dixon 11 F Y     


George Kite 35 M Carpenter N

Phoebe Kite 35 F N

(Page 10)

Robert Kite 12 M N

Elizabeth Kite 9 F Y

Anna Kite 7 F Y

Henry Kite 5 M Y

Ann Kite 3 F Y

Samuel Tongue 40 M Labourer Y


Buckhurst Hill by Bald Stag

Samuel mill 30 M Labourer Y

Susan Mills 30 F Y

Elizabeth Mills 7 F Y

Emma Mills 3 F Y

Louisa Mills 1 F Y

George Mills 5 M Y

Emma Nichols 70 F Ind Y

James Nichols 10 M Y


Queen Victoria Beer Shop

William Collop 55 M Labourer Y

Sarah Collop 50 F Y

James Surridge 50 M Labourer Y

Ann Camp 15 F FS Y


Stag Cottage

Osborne Hills 36 M Builder Y

Mary Ann Hills 30 F Y

Harriet Armstrong 45 F Ind N

Louisa Armstrong 13 F N

Rachel Thrimpton 33 F Ind N

George Carr 3 M N  


Bald Stag Yd

William Collop 30 Labourer Y

(Page 11)

Mary Ann Collop 27 F Wife of Wm Collop N

George Collop 8 M Y

Charles Collop 6 M Y

Susannah Collop 4 F Y

Eliza Collop 2 F Y

Anne Collop 6 months F Y


Bald Stag Inn

Minors Acock 45 M Inn Keeper N

Sarah Acock 45 F N

Eliza Acock 15 F Y

Sarah Acock 10 F Y

Caroline Acock 8 F Y S

arah Harding 30 F FS Y

William Crump 15 M MS Y

Sarah Forest Finch 15 F FS Y

Charles Graydon 50 M Ships Chandler N

Elizabeth Chandler 50 F N

Mary Waker 50 F Independent

John Harris 15 M N C

lara Graydon 11 F N

William C Graydon 7 M N


Little Monkhams

John Chilton 30 M Farmer N

Eliza Chilton 30 F Y

Eliza Chilton 6 F Y

Henry Chilton 4 M

Emma Chilton 2 F

(Page 12)

Walter Chilton 7 months M Y

Joshua Fidler 25 M Surgeon Y

Samuel Lawton 20 M Labourer Y

Emma Wallis 18 F FS Y

Mary Mirrington 15 F FS Y


Stable at Monkhams  

NK Above 20 Labourer N

NK Above 20 Labourer N

NK Above 20 Labourer N

NK Above 20 Labourer N


Cottage in Monkhams Yard

James Purkis 30 M Labourer Y

Rebecca Purkis 30 F Y

Sarah Purkis 7 F Y

Emma Purkis 6 F Y

John Purkis 4 M Y

Turner Purkis 1 M Y



Robert Davison 35 M Farmer N

Mary Davison 27 F Y

Elizabeth Davison 3 F Y

Mary Ann Davison 2 F Y

Emily Rasin 14 F FS N


John Stace 45 M Market Gardener Y

Eleanor Stace 45 F N

Ann Stace 22 F Y

Eliza Stace 20 F Y


Little Westhatch

John Davison 60 M Farmer N

(Page 13)

Mary Ann Davison 25 F N


New Barns Farm

John Smith 40 M Farmer N

Martha Smith 35 F N

John Smith 10 M N

Eleanor Smith 8 F N

Michael Smith 6 M N

John Withers 40 M MS Y

Jane Withers 38 F FS Y

William Larance 20 M MS Y J

ohn Silvester 19 M MS Y 

May Ann Bolcomb 17 F FS Y

NK Above 20 M * written under in the ocupation column with lab written over the top for all of the following Labourers  who live upon the premesis but ?? without their names being known

NK 20 M Lab

NK 20 M Lab

NK 20 M Lab

NK 20 M Lab

NK 20 M Lab

NK 20 M Lab

NK 20 M Lab

NK 20 M Lab

NK Under 20 M Lab


Chigwell Hall

Owen Sparrow 35 M Farmer N

Elizabeth Sparrow 30 F Y

Owen Sparrow 11 M N

Henry Sparrow 9 M N

(Page 14)

Elizabeth Sparrow 6 F N

Jacob Sparrow 4 M Y

Louisa Sparrow 5 F N

Beatrice Sparrow 3 F Y

Thomas Sparrow 1 M Y

William Monk 20 M MS Y

Mary Humphries 25 F FS N

Ann Smart 15 F FS Y


Buckhurst Hill School

Richard Hart 14 M Pupil N


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