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Name: Buckhurst Hill History
Date: 19/01/2014
Prisoner of War Camp
Message: Hi Denny, thanks for your message.  I spoke to Norman Willis at St John's Church this morning over coffee.  I mentioned your message about the Prisoner of War cam.  He said he does remember it as a child but it was in Forest Edge so he doesn't think you would have needed to cross the railway line to get to it, unless you were coming up from the bottom.  I had a lovely long chat with him about old Buckhurst Hill and what was build around the war.  Also about French's Yard.  he says they owned a Brick Yard at the bottom of Buckhurst Hill and his friends father managed it.

Name: Denny Lalonde
Date: 18/01/2014
Subject: Prisioner of War Camp
Message: As a small child I remember going with my friends down Queens Road, across the railway crossing (as it was then) and standing outside an Italian Prisoner of War Camp.
The men were friendly and madesmall bracelets and rings out of different coloured fine fuse wire.
Denny Lalonde

Name: Peter Gadsdon
Date: 11/01/12014
Message: Do you have any information on the Athenaeun society of Buckhurst Hill? they were around about 1900.

Name: Toni Garnham
Date: 12/12/2014
Subject: Queens Road
Message: My grandparents, Nellie and Albert Broome ran Toones Newsagents and tobacconist at 32 Queens Road for many years, pre and post war, retiring to Hainault in the 1970's. My late parents Joan and Roy Garnham ran the sweetshop four doors up. My Grandparents shop was next door to Heather Thirtle, with an electrical shop between her and our sweetshop. The bakers at the bottom was Murrays. We left BH in 1972.

Name: Lawrence Ball
Date: 08/04/2013
Subject: The Wilderness
Message: I used to live at the Wilderness,until I was about 5/6,with my brother, mum, dad, and granddad Walter Spradbery, now living on Anglsey, North Wales

Name: Alan Ward
Email: sgtcolon@sky.com
Subject: Astral House
Message: Hi,
I am currently researching my family tree. My grandmother had an illegitimate child in 1915. The address on the birth certificate is given as Astral House, Russell Road Buckhurst Hill.
I was wondering if you knew anything about the Rescue Society for Girls that ran the establishment, or had any info or photographs of the building.

Many thanks
Alan Ward

Name: Suzanne Eames
Subject: Tower Crest, Buckhurst Hill
Message: In answer to Jo's question dated 19/04/2012 my grandparents lived in a house called Tower Crest in Buckhurst Hill in the 1940s and probably before. I can just remember it vaguely. I do not recognise the children in the photo but would be most interested in any other details you might have.

Name: Graham Redman
Email: ger@ashleacottage.co.uk
Date: 09/01/2013

Subject: Living in BH during the 40s-60s
Message: I was born in Tottenham and lived in BH after the war going to the primary school in Princes Road from 1947. I eventually moved away from the district 1963 to live in Worthing, W Sussex - where I live now.
I am writing a book which will include a section on my growing up years - you may be interested in seeing parts of it anyway. I have already published a book about my family history which includes a little about Buckhurst Hill - a copy of this can be found in Chelmsford Record Office. Title: My Redman and Amos Families.
I am glad that I stumbled across your site - I was looking for information on my head, L A G Carr and some of my teachers, Miss Gardner, Mr Camping, Mr Reaves [or Roves] Miss Murray. Do you have any information or pictures of the school please that might include in my book. I have some
1. the school playground PE time.
2. Roding Valley Stn 1959.
3. My house in Walnut Way c1939
4. Street Party in 1945.
I look forward to hearing from you with any info that may help me with my book - also can I be of any assistance to anyone living in BH during the 40s-60s.
Kind regards. Graham Redman

Name: Sophie Lillington
Email: sophie.lillington@cityoflondon.gov.uk
Date: 0612/2012

Subject: Dance of the Winds, Pageant of Epping Forest, Buckhurst Hill‏
Message: Hi, I have a postcard showing dancing children, labelled as above. Does anybody know more? Sophie

Name: Denny Lalonde
Email: dennylalonde@telus.net
Date: 21/11/2012

Subject: Gingell Family
Message: Does anyone on site remember the GINGELLfamily?
They used to live across from the Top Pond, near the Beasley family, who lived on the corner by the church gate.
Any info please contact me
Thank you
(Denman) Denny lalonde

Name: Brian Morrison
Email: brianjmorrison@aol.com
Date: 07/11/12

Subject: Memories
Message: I moved to Buckhurst Hill from South Woodford in 1950 and went to Princes Road School. Many of the names in the posts that I have read on this site are familiar to me. I worked briefly for Silks as a relief paperboy and, in that capacity I delivered to The Ranch, the house mentioned by one of your correspondents. I also remember the shops described by various people on this site. I worked as a delivery boy for Piggotts the butchers in Queens Road. I also remember the coin-operated model railway in Pardoes, the toyshop.

I have always retained a deep affection for Buckhurst Hill and I am surprised not to be able to find more historical material on the internet especially as I understood that the headmaster of Princes Road School, Mr. L.A.G. (Laurie) Carr was the local historian. What has happened to his work?

The school was ruled with a rod of iron by Mr. Carr and another formidable figure was Miss DH Gardner who probably made more of what capabilities I had than any other teacher.

I moved back to South Woodford in 1962 and left the area completely in 1969. A couple of years ago, at a loose end for a day, I drove over there and had a really good walk round. I found a very changed Buckhurst Hill – improved in many ways but a bit ‘Towie’ - unattractively extended houses with cars parked where leafy front gardens used to be. Someone had paved over my childhood. The only business in Queens Road with a familiar name was Heather Thirtle. I remember the eponymous Heather driving around in her Wolseley 1500. Businesswomen were a rarity in those days.

I don’t want to ramble on for ages about all the kids I remember from Princes Road School (including Steve Hyam) but would be happy to help anyone who wants information about that era.

Name: Richard Wildash
Date: 23/08/12
Cake shop and Wilson
Message: There were 2 cake shops (bakers) in Queens Road, Hobleys and Murrays (Murrays might have been in Princess Road but very close to bottom of Queens Road.
A family called the Wilsons lived in Princess Road (1950's) I wnt to school with their son Kevin during the 50's 
Hope this is of some help 

Name: Peter Wilkinson
Date: 03/08/12
Message: First a note of thanks to the people who maintain this website. It has proved useful in adding information about my great grandparents and great uncle. George Victor Wilson (identified in St Johns grave yard) was my great uncle. My great grandparents, Joseph and Elizabeth Wilson lived in Buckhurst Hill somewhere between 1930- 1950. I am trying to find out where they lived. Any assistance would be greatfully recieved. Thanks, Peter Wilkinson
Wichita KS USA

Name: Steve Hyam
Email: Stephen.hyam@talk21.com
Date: 11/7/12

Message: To David Wright - in my box of old papers somewhere I have a class photo of us taken outside St Stephens in approx 1952 - can send if you are interested. There were 52 in the class!! - overflow from Princes Rd School.
Also have a few photos from 24th Epping Forest camps - 1956 ish. if any interest to anyone
Steve Hyam 

Name: Carolyn Hunter
Date: 12 May 2012 

Subject: Cake Shop
Message: Please could anyone let me know the name of the cake shop in Queens road. My mother, Mrs Anne Roberts, nee williams used to work there before the war. I wd be grateful for any help with this research project. 

Name: Jo
Date 7/5/2012

Subject: To Avis & Denny re The Wilderness
Message: Hi Avis & Denny, thought you might be interested, a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go on a guided history walk of Buckhurst Hill.  It was all very interesting and I will try to add some of the info i learnt over the coming weeks.

However we did walk through the Widerness and I took a couple of pictures I thought you might like.  One of the forest/wood the other of a plaque regarding the house & its occupants.

Name: Michael
Date: 7/5/2012

Subject: Toy Shop

Message: The name of the Toy Shop on the corner of Queens Road and Victora Road was called Pardows my sister worked there 1948 - 1951

Name: Jo
Date: 19/04/2012

Subject: Tower Crest
Message: http://twitpic.com/90ac78 Please take a look at this picture of a house in The Drive, does anyone know who these children might be or who used to live here?

Name: david wright
Date: 17/11/2011

Subject: Brook House
Message: Born in Brook House, Lower Queens Road 1944 and keen to seek any history or photos as it has been demolished for the newish nursing care home - Queens Court. I left around 1955 when my part of the family moved to North Kensington

Name: Phil 
Date: 29/10/2011

Subject: Toy Shop
Message: Can you tell me the name of the toy shop that was sited at the corner of Queens Road and Victoria Road in the 1950's and 1960's Thanks

Name: Denny Lalonde
Date: 14/09/2011

Subject: The Wilderness
Message: Re Avis 
I remember well the forested area from Epping New Road tothe High Road, it was called the Wilderness, but I didn't know a house was in there, Thanks for telling me, I was young back then and not allowed to go there. My best friend's Dad Gerry Walker played cricket at the club you mention. Small world eh?
Regards Denny

Date: 13/08/11

I was wondering if you knew what was on the site of forest heights before it was built ,i remember there was 2 big houses thst were derelict,i was wondering if you could shed any light on the history and how they became derelict

Name: Denise
Date: 30/07/11

Does anyone have any information about my Great Uncles house The Ranche 132 High Road Buckhurst Hill. This house was demolished in the late sixries. My Great Uncle was Aubrey Mayhew his sister Emma Mayhew lived with him. I believe a Lord and Lady Johnson owned the house before my Great Uncle. Any information about this lovely old house would be appreciated.

Name: Avis
Date: 18/07/11

I have been reading Denny Lalonde's piece and it brought back so many memories as from 1939 to 1950 I lived at 139 Epping New Road and I remember all the little shops he describes. 139 was one of 6 new houses built in 1939, situated north of Church Road next to the garage and laid back from the road on a service road and we moved in just as war started. Some years after the war the road and houses were extended as far as the wood. The wood, part of Epping Forest went from Epping New Road to the High Road by the cricket club and in it was a house called the Wilderness. Here lived an artist called Walter Spradbery an his wife Dorothy d'Orsay who was a well known singer and they gave concerts in their garden in summer and we could often hear the music in our garden. Across the road from us was a nice old house where an old lady called Miss Mellish lived and during the war she kept a goat I remember. This house was demolished and a close of new house were built on the site. Next to the Bald Faced Stag was Holly House which was the local Education office of the Essex Count Council where I worked For Some Years.

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