Buckhurst Hill History

The History of Buckhurst Hill Pubs

The Roebuck Inn
High Road, Buckhurst Hill (now replaced with flats)

Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Kent, Middlesex and Sussex 1855 (part 2 Court & Trade Directories)
page 1336
Roebuck, O Hills, Chigwell

1861 Census

Roe Buck Old Road from Epping to Woodford
Thomas Halstead Head Mar 50 M Publican Essex, Great Claxton

1881 Census
Roebuck High Road
John Chilton Head Marr 47 M Licend Victular Essex, Loughton

Kelly's Directory of Essex, 1882

Page 49
Jones & Barber, Roebuck (A.C.Smith, Manager) Lessees & Refreshment Contractors, Alexandra Palace & Refreshment Contractors, Assize Courts, Manchester
Page 512
Roebuck, James & Barber (AC Smith Manager) Buckhurst Hill

The Bald Faced Stag

High Road, Buckhurst Hill

"The Bald Faced Stag, Buckhurst Hill.  This inn was first recorded in 1725, but is probably considerably older than that.  An important staging post, the Stag  was the site of a grisly hanging in 1752; John Swan and Elizabeth Jeffery were executed for shooting Elizabeth Jeffery's uncle Joseph Jefferys in Walthamstow" (Pewsey S, 1995, Phillimore & Co Ltd)

Picture The Bald Faced Stag

Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Kent, Middlesex and Sussex 1855 (part 2 Court & Trade Directories)
page 1313

Baldfaced Stag, E Salter, Chigwell

1861 Census
Bald Faced Stag Old Road from Epping to Woodford
Graham Salter Head Mar 48 M Hotel Propriator Essex, Gt Oakly

1881 Census
Stag Hotel, High Road
William Simmons Head Marr 44 M Hotel Keeper Kent, Maidstone

Kelly's Directory of Essex, 1882
Page 506
Bald Faced Stag, William Simmons, High Road, Buckhurst Hill


Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill (No longer in existence)

Pictures submitted by D.Lalonde


"The Forest Superintendent's house, 'The Warren'  was once an Inn called 'The Reindeer', but at an earlier time it was also a grandstand or a hunting lodge overlooking both parts of the Park." Hoy K, (2002) Getting to Know Epping Forest.  For more information and a picture click here

Later the pub moved up the road to  the Junction of the Epping New Road and Church Road.

"For our daily needs we purchased bread and baked goods from "Gowers" bakery at the corner of Church Road and the New Road. Fresh vegetables from "Greens" the green grocer right across from the "Reindeer Pub", was next door to our cottage. Another pub the "Duke of Edinburgh" was right across from our house.....my next trip back in 1992, to the village of my memories, I found many sad changes had, or would soon take place. Ivy Cottage was slated for demolition. The "Duke" also was to be torn down, the Reindeer was now a Burger Joint"

It would seem from this description that the Reindeer became the Colorado Exchange (see link below for map) http://www.restaurants.co.uk/browse-uk/restaurants-county-town-cuisine.php/Essex/Buckhurst-Hill/American/3
The Colorado Exchange has since been demolished and replaced with flats.

1861 Census
Rain Deer New Road From Woodford to Epping
Francies Bruce Unm 55 F Inn Keeper Herefordshire, Clifford

1881 Census (on census Epping New Road, Holly Cottage, Duke Edinburgh, Reindeer Cottage, Rein Dear,Grocers Shop, Private, Bakers Shop, Church Road)
Rein Dear Epping New Road
William Alexander Head Mar 54 M Licend Victular Andover

Kelly's Directory of Essex, 1882
Page 512
Reindeer, William Alexander, Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill

The Reindeer, Epping New Road. Circa 1980.Photo by Roy Tyzack

"The licensee at this time was Mike Peterkin who ran the pub with his wife Brenda and his sister Leslie who was later joined by her husband Michael Elvins.
When the brewery sold the pub, the whole family took over a large pub, restaurant and function suite called the Fox on the A.1 at Colsterwoth, Lincolnshire. From there the family split with the Peterkins moving to The Bustard Inn near R.A.F. Cranwell and the Elvins taking over a village pub in Grantham.  They have all now retired from pub life. The Fox has now ceased trading and is a hand car wash site.
For a number of years, I was the resident Friday night D.J. in the lounge bar of The Reindeer and I managed a duo called 'Rockinghorse' (Pete Hunt & Micky Lyne). Pete HUNT, incidentally, was the son or John Roy HUNT who was the licensee of The Bald Hind, Chigwell for many years. They were the resident Sunday night duo and The Kerry Burke duo who played the lounge bar on Saturdays and various duos and solo artists including 'Hitchcock railway', Terry Denby and Andy Ward who all played in the public bar.
The Duke of Edinburgh was still open and I would occasionally go in there. It got a bit of a reputation for late drinking and French's construction yard was next door to the Reindeer, with many of the staff being regulars. When it closed, some of the furniture was purchased by The Bald Hind. Sadly, even the Bald Hind has now been pulled down and flats are being built on the site.
I recall that, before the Reindeer was knocked down, the pub was a Mexican themed bar for a while." Roy Tyzak

The Duke of Edinburgh

Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill (No longer in existence)

Pictures submitted by D.Lalonde
Decorated building in the background of left photo is the Duke of Edingurgh

1881 Census
Epping New Road Duke Edinburgh
(on census Epping New Road, Holly Cottage, Duke Edinburgh, Reindeer Cottage, Rein Dear)
James Seymour Head Mar 41 M Beer House Keeper High Laver, Essex

Info: The Duke of Edinburgh

The Warren Wood
Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill

1861 Census
Warren Wood House New Road From Woodford to Epping
Thomas Partridge Head Mar 38 M Beer House Keeper Essex, Chigwell

1881 Census
Warren Wood House Epping New Road
John Becket Head Marr 53 M Inn Keeper Alsbury, Bucks

Kelly's Directory of Essex, 1882
Page 514
Warren Wood Hotel, Jn Beckett, New Road, Buckhurst Hill

The Railway Tavern
Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill

1861 Census

Railway Tavern, Queens Road
Thomas Salmon Head Mar 26 M Victualler Essex, Loughton

1881 Census
Queens Road Railway Tavern
William Adcock Head Mar 43 M Licensed Victualer Camden Town, Middlesex

Kelly's Directory of Essex, 1882
Page 512
Railway Tavern, Wm Adcock, Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill

Info & Picture: The Railway Tavern

The British Queen
Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill 


(No longer in existence, the building has after a string of different bars, been opened as a Prezzo.  Sadly the new owners have removed the old ‘British Queen’ sign can be seen on the chimney stack

1881 Census
Queens Road British Queen (on census Kings Place Road, Durham Villas, 6 - 1 Kings Place South, British Queen Queens Road,Queens Road, 2 Grafton Villas)
Charles Brewer Head Mar 32 M Beer House Keeper Earls Coln, Essex

Info: The British Queen

The Title Deed Tavern
Queens Princes Road Buckhurst Hill (No longer in existence)

Queens Road Title Deed (on census Queens Road, Dairy House, Queens Road Title Deed, 1-4 Queens terrace)
Charles John Parr Head Mar 34 M Publican Devonshire

The Three Colts
Princes Road, Buckhurst Hill

1881 Census
3 Colts (on census Princes Road - Norfolk Villa, Vale Cottage, 3 Colts, Roberts Cottages)
Joseph Roberts Head Mar 31 M Licence Vichilar Bethnal Green, Middlesex

Kelly's Directory of Essex, 1882
Three Colts, Joseph Roberts, Princes Road, Buckhurst Hill

The Fox
Princes Road, Buckhurst Hill (No longer in existence)

1881 Census
Fox Beer House (on census Princes Road , Drayton Cottage,Private, Fox Beer House, Dayton Cottage, Bourne Villas)
George Gage Head Mar 42 M Milk Cow Keeper & Bar House Keeper White Roothing, Essex

Info: The Fox

The Prince Alfred
Alfred Road, Buckhurst Hill (No longer in existence)

The Prince Alfred was demolished following the worst night of bombing in Buckhurst Hill on 18-19 March 1941 when a number of houses received direct hits (Pewsey,s,1995,Phillimore & Co. Ltd)

1881 Census
Prince Alfred (on census Lower Queens Road, St Stephen's Mission, St Stephen's Church, Alfred Road Prince Alfred, Alfred Road)
Geroge Reeves Head Mar 41 M Beer House Keeper Lambourne, Essex

Info: The Prince Alfred

The Prince of Wales
Albert Road/Lower Queens Road Buckhurst Hill (now replaced with flats)

Picture submitted by N.Ringwood
David Ringwood, Cub, with the old Prince of Wales pub in the background cira 1941

1881 Census (on census 7-9 Lower Queens Road, Prince of Wales Tavern, Lower Queens Road)
Prince of Wales Tavern
Charles Reader Head mar 48 M Publican East Ham Essex

Info: The Prince of Wales

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Sine early times the English Pub has been a gathering place for locals who's houses had no room to entertain. It's a British tradition to keep these landmarks 'alive' as milestones of history. It appears that in too many cases, greed and profit have overcome the need to save these fine old Pus of yesteryear. Another British Tradition down the drain !
M. Denman Lalonde

By Denny - 6/8/2008 5:31 AM


On 19 April 1941 a parachute mine demolished the original Prince of Wales, a telephone exchange and nearby cottages (Pewsey S,1995,Phillimore & Co. Ltd)

4/13/2009 3:11 AM


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